Welcome to The Beacon Center





The Beacon Center is the community outreach ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church. God has grown the outreach and community service far beyond the size of Lighthouse. God always does what only God can do, using the weak or small things of this world to show His power and might.





We Believe… 

  1. The church should be the center of the community.
    1. As a place to gather to praise, worship, and study the Word of God
    2. As a place to find support and counseling in times of trouble.
    3. As a place to find help when in need.
    4. As a place to meet with and enjoy others.
  2.  That all Christians are responsible to love and come along side anyone God brings before us…
    1. To provide for their Spiritual needs …
      1. Share the Gospel
      2. Teach the Word of God
      3. Model Christ
      4. Disciple
      5. Lead to Christ
      6. Counseling
      7. How to pray
    2.  To provide for their physical needs whenever possible, things such as…
      1. Food
      2. Clothing
      3. Counseling
      4. A safe place to congregate
      5. A safe place to exercise
      6. Friendship
      7. Tools for Education
      8. A model of modesty
  3. We believe we are to Glorify God in ALL that we do.